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Dedicated and Honest Representation

Dedication, hard work and results are what compel the attorneys at the Law Offices of John Danielski to resolve your family law matter. It is a simple approach that people appreciate when they are going through an emotionally difficult time.

When John says, "I can't protect your heart, but I can protect your rights," he means it. He knows you need help, and you need it now. You want to get to the substance of the matter, and so does John. He provides straightforward answers to your concerns and gives you the information needed to make a decision.

Above all, as an experienced family law attorney, John Danielski will help you through the difficult process of divorce. Also, he can be counted on to advocate for you and provide honest representation.

Putting Experience to Work for You

The Law Office of John Danielski guides you through all family law matters, including:

Divorce: Couples can settle or go to trial to get a divorce, depending on their situation

Separation: When couples are unsure if they want to get a divorce, they can get separated and set up child support, parenting time, financial or other arrangements

Child custody: If you want custody or joint custody, he will fight for either one.

Parenting time/visitation: The best interests of the child is what the court uses to ensure parents maintain relationships with their children

Child support: Payments are determined using a statutory equation that takes income and overnight arrangements into account

Assets and marital property: He will fight to get you the best settlement, or you can agree to split the assets any way you wish

Other Family Law Attorney Practice Areas

This type of property or asset handled differently than a couple's other assets and marital property

Domestic Violence/Personal Protection Orders: These matters handled in conjunction with a family law case

Guardianships: When someone who is not the mother or father wants to take care of a child

Probate: Deaths, conservatorships and any matter over which the probate court has jurisdiction

Laws are always changing, so you should talk to a lawyer if you are considering getting a divorce or going to court for custody or any reason. Do not assume anything when it comes to the law. Consult John Danielski for honest information and straightforward answers to your questions.

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